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Lim Man Juan


“I miss home. I miss everything there. The food, the weather, the language, my parents, and me. The most naive and comfortable child like me. Always be the daughter being taken care of. 

But I’m a grown-up now, I must not let my parents worry about me. I’ll take care of myself just like my mom took care of me back then. I’ll love myself just like my mom loves me now and always. “ 


“Angku kuih” “红龟糕” is a traditional cake in Chinese culture. When a Chinese family has a newborn child and people wish to share this meaningful news, they will send the cakes to their loved ones and share the happiness. The Chinese word on the cake is “寿”, meaning “ longevity”, a blessing for the baby and the people who shared the happiness.  


My work is to explore the cultural identity and inheritance, motherhood, and feminity of me being a female Chinese-Malaysian. Using felt-needling, food, animation, and drawings to express the tendency of being a female and the stories behind my culture.

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