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Jarlath Slattery

Jarlath 1_ Image from Martin.jpg

Jarlath Slattery is a Clare based artist.  

His work is an investigation into his personal connection to the eerie local landscape of 1970s Lisdoonvarna, in North Clare, which had a profound effect on him as a child. 

This work focuses on memories and interactions of three specific locations in the adjoining townland regions of Ballygastle and Ballyteige: 


An old house where a facially disfigured man lived and also the site of a murder in the 1800’s. 


The bog in Ballyteige, where he fell into a boghole aged five. 


A grass-road leading into the old family home that used to terrify him. 


Jarlath has revisited these locations that planted the roots for his fascination with the Gothic, weird and eerie and retells the three stories using black humour, through a combination of video, photography and Sound Art.

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