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Eva Prendergast

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“BINARIES” explores the experiences and the expression of being a non-binary and/or trans person today. Through the trusting and slow process of hand poke tattooing, Eva allowed the people behind these photographs and tattoos to express their story and experiences with their gender. They gave them a safe space to explore their history with themselves and how they came to be who they are today. Creating safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ people to express themselves freely and comfortably is a main aspect of Eva’s work, especially in the process of tattooing someone. To allow the client as much consent and expression as possible throughout the process. This process, alongside the trans/queer designs created as flash for this work have combined to display the experiences of trans people and their freedom to express these experiences through tattooing their body permanently. We are here and we are visible. See us and see our stories. We will not hide anymore.

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