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Gemma Baroni

My path started following my desire to give new life to waste elements; studying the various techniques I focused more and more on the different textures that the color, the object, the material created.

In particular I was struck by the bubble wrap, which made me curious, with its little bubbles.

The use of it combined with various techniques has opened up a world for me.

At the base there is always the idea of ​​exploiting everything around me, everything can be art.

Through a very spontaneous process I use unusual materials to create a work of art. (e.g., receipts, postcards, sheets, bags, containers,

packaging ...).

With my works I want to talk about myself; through objects of my daily life, of lived moments, of shapes, moments, fragments, particular scenes. I often use black to create an indelible mark.

Each of us leaves footprints throughout our life journey and I like to think those black spots are mine.

I want to continue my research, following my instinct, following what attracts and intrigues me; just like it happened with the bubble wrap.

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