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Pádraig Dennan

Pádraig's Work Explores the themes and ideas surrounding the Transformation of the Irish landscape. His current practice is situated on the dock road and his current college space. His Work explores the Concepts of Soil, Land and Site and the boundaries between them. He also explores psycho-geography and its current place in contemporary society. He is interested in discarded everyday mass manufactured objects and their negatives. These objects purpose the question of how we treat our land and what stories it tells about us. His practice and process is built up around using intuitive drawings, symbols, marks drawn from life drawings and the landscape, walks to contemplate the areas, documenting the uses of our land using black and white film, plaster and waste materials , moss , soil and wielded metal to create collections and sculptures. His current work seeks to challenge the way sculptures are viewed , engaged with and given importance over the viewer in the gallery space. Imagery of cribs made from cheap accessible materials as his plinths imply a distancing of sculpture from traditional presentation toward a softer more effeminate presentation. A return of performance elements into his work is a reflection of his previous work and a return to this cornerstone in his contemporary practice.

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