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Passage is a durational performance piece filmed in the Saint Munchin (Roman Catholic) church yard in Limerick City, Ireland.


In this performance, the artist crawls emphasizing struggle, the passage of time and material sensations.


The work draws attention to the time spent in the in-between spaces travelling from one world / dimension / universe / location to the next.


The location of the performance echoes the historic context of the Magdalene Laundries and the oppression of young women in Ireland by the Catholic Church through the capitalization of slave labour.

Ailbhe Mc Gowran is a French-Irish artist currently based in Limerick. 


She works with a variety of mediums including performance, photography, film, written and spoken word, stop motion animation and ceramics.

Her work is inspired by cultural experiences, beliefs and societal systems.

She is particularly interested in the misfits (people, objects, thoughts) of our world, and attempts to reuse the themes and strange social constructs we abide by to create connections between objects and stories, narratives and interpretations of cultural tropes.

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