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Limerent: (objects)

You have sleep in your eyes

To be in three states at once, at home in our house looking at the objects, in our other home at the green place, and last, the stagnant water. It’s hard to remember the side of the person’s face sometimes, they are starting to look less like them and more like you. I suppose if you spend enough time with anyone or anything, you’ll start to look alike. 


The person sits transfixed, their gaze directed at the objects. You want to hear their thoughts, you want to know what they are thinking. The objects are a blur of ecru and green. 


They are trying to show you something 


You explain that mornings like these, you struggle to get your eyes in focus and often fear that they’ll be stuck that way forever. The side of the person’s face is just a soft line, no eyes, mouth or nose. Their freshly cut hair, their gym shorts, their muscly body, their headphones. You remember the first/last time you saw them, they were staring down into the Shannon. “The river is so immense, I’m terrified/in awe of it” you imagined they were thinking. 


Eyes still heavy with sleep

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