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Founded in 2100, Artists n’ Emergence is an artist run gallery that aims to challenge the normal model of exhibiting artworks and supporting artists. No other gallery has done more to position itself outside of the traditional means of curation: by locating the gallery outside of the solar system.  

The vessel which provides living quarters for the occupying artists, residency for both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial visitors wishing to join the crew, research centres and, on the top floor, a space for exhibiting works by the team of artists in residence.  

Artists in Emergence aims to provide participants an opportunity to abandon the limits that may hinder them as artists and limit the work they engage with. This is achieved by providing a space and conditions that is malleable enough for any project that could be envisioned. An audience will be selected to visit the vessel via hyper-speed space travel every month and enjoy an artistic venue beyond anything possible on earth.  

In the upcoming exhibition, artists are responding to the concept of Time. In a venture away from the earth-world and into the new outer art world, artists are given the opportunity to exhibit works for varying durations from periods of 2-months to several decades. 

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